Duke Phan
My name is Duke Phan. My family moved to Germany in 1991 after reunification. My father was a worker in east germany. In 1991 a large wave of foreigners moved to Germany. Today the topic of immigration in Germany is red hot and unfortunately very negative. Problems of all kinds are often debated. In 1991, after the reunification of Germany, there was a major economic upswing. What people often forget to mention these days is that the economic boom could not be maintained in this form without the large number of foreign workers. Suddenly there was so much to do and so much work that there simply weren't enough people to do all that work. The labor force was the bottleneck that threatened to cripple the economy. A premature end to the economy could only be stopped by massively using workers from abroad.

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No risk, no fun.

Where are you going?

A look at the statistics of demographic change shows where the journey is going. Every second person in Germany is older than 45. While in Vietnam the average age is 29.41 years. In my opinion, it is high time to take countermeasures, but it doesn’t look like it at the moment.

When young couples are asked how many children they would like to have, the most common answer is – 2 children. But actually the birthrate is currently 1.53 per woman. A healthy rate for society would be 2.5. But we’re a long way from that. I’m from Generation Y and I’m very worried about my pension. When I reach retirement age one day, the emergency will be even greater than it is now. On the other hand, I would like to take precautions and take measures in good time. Society needs to be prepared and I want to do my part.
As a German citizen with a migration background, I know the worries and problems of immigrants. People are uprooted, far from their family and friends. Struggling with language barriers and intercultural misunderstandings. I want to reach out to people and help with this process. People are walking through a minefield and I want to help people get to the other side in one piece and build a happy and fulfilling life.